CBSE/ State Board Exam Preparation tips and tricks for 10th 12th class students

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UP board Exam Preparation tips and tricks for 10th 12th class students 2017

As we know March is coming soon, and for students it is a “career” month for what they do studies in whole year and this month decide what field they chose in future. Specially for 10th and 12th class students.

For 10th class student, this exam would decide what course they select in 11th class (Non. medical, Medical, commerce or Arts) and for 12th class student they would decide in what field they will do graduation after 12th, like if you are in Non. medical then you would select engineering, polytechnic or Bsc etc. But if you score less marks in your respective board then you couldn’t able to selected your describable field. SO it is must you do your studies in right direction with full planing and dedication.

So, friends here is some useful tips, which would help you to do studies and score highest marks or crack any exam.

 Board exam preparation tips 2017

As the days comes near, students start panic and they lose their mind concentration. Firstly, you have to keep in your mind that you should not panic and don’t think that it is burden or different things. One thing i tell you their is not much different between board exam and normal exam except the place where you are giving the exam and the checker. According to my experience board checking is much much better than school checking so chill guys and concentration on studies. This is our friend, teacher and society who make us to thing board is big thing and its very tough. Ahh just erase that stupid thought and keep clam. So, one thing we have to thing just do your best and don’t take tension where you are going to examine.

As, we always see chennai region mostly top in CBSE exam, and its not only CBSE exam if we go look history of state board exam their is also many state which is well known for its studies and results.

Many studies think that they will take separate coaching for board exam. According to me its not use full because until you are not make your mind to do studies their is no one who make you to do studies. Just keep one thought in minds ” Self studies is best way to success” no matter what exam you are preparing for.

10th and 12th class CBSE/ State board exam tips for studies 2017

Following are the best tips to do well preparation and scored highest mark.

As we known CBSE is the biggest board in Central and UP is the biggest board in state and lacks of student will appear for 10th and 12th exam over all India. So i decide to give you some Important useful tips and suggestion that every student missed while doing studies and face problem when they appear for exam .

  • Firstly, you have to check your syllabus and your exam date sheets.
  • Note down the holidays and the syllabus you have already covered. Yeah i known mostly students in India start studies before few day back and do studies over night and the day, from JIO launched free call and internet service, its really hard to focus in every work  :p but if you think positively you can take benefit of it too, Atleast in exam time you can do and search for “previous year exam paper, Latest syllabus, Sample paper, Exam pattern etc ” .
  • Now set your goals for your according to your studies and exam date sheet gaps.
  • Ok, now the main thing “How to do studies” because you can’t focus on studies and can’t memories maths formulas, History dates and biology/Sanskrit  terms blah blah. So if you have to memorizing problem then i have one video for you that i had watched and find useful. You would also motivate if you listen him(Sandeep Maheshwari ).

Now here in this he is not saying to make long story and memories it on the basis of that story. He just want to say that memories things by making a pattern or relate it with some another things in which you are interested and then you able to memorize any difficult thing. Like in music lyrics, we listen songs and sometime we memories some lines because we find some thing interesting in it . Same logic work in studies and it is all about our interest.

  •  Now, still Confused about your studies, where to start and am i able to complete it on time. Ahan just drop all negative thought. I don’t know how much you can cover your syllabus with these nasty thought but one thing i know you never ever able to complete your studies.
  • Now the main issue is how to do focus or how to increase concentration power. So how can you over come this problem, The main issue is that we don’t want to do studies and want everything happens easily, but my dear friends life never give you something without any hard work, dedication and struggle. And for exam you have to do only handwork and dedication. and you are lucky here you don’t have to do struggle
  • Hard work can be less if you do studies in right way and don’t cram the stuff.

How to do focus on studies and increase our concentration power

  • Now after getting solution of everything. You can able to do studies and score highest marks.
  • Now this is all about before exam, Now how to attempt any exam on time. Mostly i see that students can’t complete their exam not because they don’t know its because they are shortage of time. Now why this is happening?

The main factor is “we don’t have time management” . Yeah time management is very important if you are giving exam in high level like CBSE 10/12th or state board 10th / 12th exam or entrance exam like NEET. If we say in general every process need time management to complete it in well manner. So now how to do time management?

How to do Time management in exam?

In exam time you get 15 minute to read the paper. Now you can consume that time for MCQ question or short question. As we know its hardly take 5 minute to go through the paper and we come to know what we had studies or what we know. Now mostly student get confused and everything get mess up in the brain, but after completing the paper we use to say “ohh no i knew that question i missed 8 mark question” and start regretting. Now this happen because we had cover important topic in night time and do studies over night force fully. I have one important tips for that studies who are reading this article just before 2-3 day of exam. Now you know you can’t complete your studies before time unless you read the syllabus like summary story.but believe me it is useless, instead that you can cover the question that you know 90-100% will come plus you can also cover that topic in which you are good.

Do handwriting matter in exam?

It does matter in Language subject like English, Hindi, Urdu etc. But its also matter in other subject not for extra marks, but yes for examiner checker. If your handwriting is readable then its fine you don’t need to work addition for handwriting. Yes if your handwriting is readable only by you then you have to really work on it :p . If we thing Logically, everything you write on the answer sheet is useless until unless it is readable. In exam time, As we know handwriting keep changing as we move from first page to last page. It is unpredictable whether the that particular paper is written by same person or not :p. this all happens because of two reason:-

  1. Time management is not well
  2.  Our Mind start memories and recalling answer of all question

The solution of first issue we have already discussed. Now why our mind start memories and recalling answer of all question in the end time. It is because pressure increase due to less time remaining and it can be over come if we work on First problem i.e. Time management. if we work on Time management then over handwriting also maintain through out the sheet.

  • Health is also matter in all process. If our heath is good then we able to do well studies, memories things like Formulas, History dates, bio long terms etc. So we should have well maintain Breakfast, lunch and dinner time, with that we should sleep at least 5-6 hour.
  • Don’t wake up over night right before one day of exam. If you will do then you will lose all thing you memorize in past day.
  • Don’t follow your friends time table because everyone have different potential to learn and maybe they are ahead to you.
  • Cover the goals and achieve the success.

That’s all my tips to do preparation for your CBSE or State exam board. And best of luck for your exam. Keep your scale, pen, pencil & geometry box with you and don’t forget to keep original Admit card with you. Please do share if you find this article useful need or drop your comment if you have any doubt.

Updated: January 28, 2017 — 3:28 pm

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