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Why are Indian parents obsessed with government jobs?

Posted By Arvind Kulkarni    On 1 Aug 2023    Comments(0)
Why are Indian parents obsessed with government jobs?

Grasping the Gravitational Pull of Government Jobs

You know, Indian parents have this heartwarming yet puzzling custom – as soon as you are born, they start planning your future. As I narrate this tale with a pinch of humor and a lot of love, my words carry the scent of firsthand experience. Alisa and I have even had debates over it, and trust me, they were intense. The obsession of Indian parents with government jobs is so deeply entrenched in our society that it might even be a part of our genetic makeup. Let's dive deeper into this oddity and find out.

Security Quotient - Steel Strong Stability Over Shimmering Risk

There is something that needs to be understood about Indian parents – the "risk" is a word they wouldn't even dare to whisper. It does not find a favorable place in their dictionary. You know, since childhood, we are conditioned not to cross roads without looking left and right, don't run around in the open with scissors, don't gamble - basic stuff, right? Isn't it funny how that also applies to careers? Anything remotely risky such as entrepreneurship, arts, offbeat careers sends them into a whirlpool of anxiety. But why, you ask? Let me reason for you.

In the purest sense, government jobs are secure. A government employee cannot easily be fired, unlike their counterparts in private sectors. This job security acts as a warm blanket against recession or general fluctuations. There’s a charming predictability to it, don’t you think? Even from the social perspective, the stability of government jobs aligns with our culture's desire for a stress-free future. A government job holder, in Indian society, is seen as a dependable mate, friend, and family member. Well, talk about a societal stamp!

The Prestige Factor - Of Status Symbols and Social Validation

Have you ever felt that sudden awe towards someone just because they are a high-flying IAS officer or a Bank Manager in a renowned government bank? That's the magic of prestige associated with government jobs in India. Coming back to our beloved parents, they love spectacles (not just the ones they wear!). Creating a spectacle about the achievements of their offspring gives them a sense of pride and happiness. A government job lands you right onto their parade.

Imagine the parent's boasting rights at family gatherings, neighborhoods, and WhatsApp groups. "My son got a government job," "My daughter is an IAS officer," - these are statements of pride that get circulated faster than the latest Bollywood memes. They consider it a matter of their own achievement and social standing.

Plump Perks and Pleasant Pensions

Another perks of a government job? Well, no pun intended but many, actually. Government jobs come with a basket full of perks and benefits which seem to be a jackpot for our risk-averse folks. Free healthcare, the necessity in today's time (it should be renamed to 'needy-care', I feel), is something Govt. officials can reap benefits of. And then there’s cheap housing facilities, official vehicles, numerous paid leaves - life feels like a well-balanced diet with all nutrients and some desserts!

Remember, Indian parents are practically obsessed with the future. Remember the future plans they start spinning as soon as you are born? Here’s the final piece of this puzzle. They lap up the concept of pensions. The idea of receiving a part of their salaries even after retirement makes them feel more secure and well, rich. It’s a post-retirement economic nirvana for them.

The Legacy Narrative - Passing the Baton of Security

Like a Bollywood drama, Indian parents like dishing out millennial-long narratives of job securities. The legacy of government job holders, where a son or a daughter steps into the parent's shoes, carries a certain emotionally charged charm that's hard to dismiss. This heritage-like continuity makes them believe that their lineage is secured in capable hands.

This comfortable familiarity of their children getting the same security and respect as they did elicits a sense of accomplishment and happiness. There, they did it. They ensured a comfortable life for future generations. Who wouldn’t want to feel the comfort of a successful sequel?

The Illusion of Limited Stress

There's a general perception around government jobs being less stressful. Dates of birth might be deceptive, but it’s harder to hide the stress lines and worry wrinkles in their faces. Our parents will do all they can to ensure we age happily and healthily.

The well-defined, 9-to-5 working hours are seen as a utopia that blots out work-related stress. Parents strongly believe that this allows for more personal time and a better work-life balance, as the late-night calls, the pressing deadlines are kept at bay. The reality might differ but hey, it's about what they believe.

In this wide myriad of emotions and thoughts lies the affectionate concern of Indian parents for their children. It shows how precious our lives, our futures are for them. It’s only fair we appreciate the sentiment, even if we differ. As for my endearing Alisa and me, we continue our debates and discussions, adding to our kaleidoscope of experiences. But no matter where these debates end, we know we’re on the same team - Team Love!